Saturday, 28 July 2007

The new Wembley - a great experience. Almost!!

We visited the new Wembley Stadium recently for a music event.

It truly is a fantastic venue and destined to become just as iconic as the old twin towers. It really was a delightful experience once you reached the stadium - but first you had to reach the thing!

Having a 'car-free' venue is a wonderful idea and one that we could all subscribe to - if the infrastructure was there to support the concept. It might surprise the London-centric numpties who rule the Capital's roads via Transport for London, but, there are still many areas of the country that has no public transport.

And so, transport to the capital has to be by road.

So, what should we do?

We could drive to the outskirts of London and use public transport for the rest of the journey? Many people at the event we attended did just that - and were dismayed to hear, after entering the stadium, that return transport to London on the tube from the stadium station, was unavailable 'due to technical difficulties'!!!

Of course, you can always persevere and drive all the way to Wembley - but, not only is the stadium a 'car-free' zone, the entire area is 'parking-free'!!

An aggressive anti car philosophy is in evidence - with some of the rudest traffic wardens we have ever encountered not only refusing to help with information - but actually refusing to speak to drivers!

So, Wembley Stadium and you transport planners - if you do want to persist with your anti-car policy, for goodness sake, get your act together and give us a fighting chance!

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